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civic si

  1. 27WON 70a rear motor mount Installation

    Is it worth it? 100% worth it! You feel the difference instantly. You feel the torque right away because the engine is not flexing anymore.
  2. Silver's Coilover the perfect choice for our 11 Gen SI - review

    I have taken a couple of weeks to write this post in order to share my impressions with all you, I have ventured to install coilovers in my 11 gen civic SI since it was presenting metallic sounds and creaks in the front suspension after installing the swift coilovers, these sounds were present...
  3. Enkei TS-5 18x9.5 +38 ON 🛞

    New shoes 👞 18x9.5 +38 | 265/35R18 🛞 🤙🏽 WhiteLine Springs on the way 🔜 | IG: @GiO11thGen 📝
  4. Any Updates on Tunes for Si?

    Any updates on custom tunes for Si? Phearable, TSP or others?
  5. 2022 Civic Si 1/4 mile 14.623 @ 96.44MPH

    I took my Civic to the track (NOT THE BEST TRACK) Track didn’t use Bite or anything. It is like running on the street. Climate was 88 degrees, with 93% Humidity. Best run 14.623 @ 96.44MPH | 91 octane's Mods: 27WON DownPipe, PRL Frontpipe & Stage 1 Intake. Follow me on Instagram: @Gio11thGen I...
  6. HPD Lip Kit, PRL stuff, Emblems, KTuner Installed

    Finally done ✅. I have been working with him since yesterday ? and yeah HIM. I accept her if it is a Honda Fit or a CRV. Hate when people say HER ? ? HPD Lip Kit ✔️ KTuner ✔️ PRL Resonator Deleted Kit ✔️ PRL Intake ✔️ Mud Guards ✔️ Honda Red Emblems ✔️ HPD Emblem ✔️ LED signal ✔️ LED Reverse...
  7. Hondata FlashPro Civic 2022 Si+ Turbo 1.5 US | CARB Tunes

    CARB FLASHPRO We have been working hard testing and developing the CARB tunes for the 2022 Civic Si. The performance gains are huge with a simple upload from our Plug-N-Play FlashPro system. Our Si now has over 1,000 miles and the development was done with California 91 octane. *EPA/CARB...
  8. KTuner 2022+ Civic Si Tune Results - Fantastic Gains!

    Hello CivicXI Enthusiasts! We've had many of you contact us about the 2022 Civic Si with all of the recently created buzz and we're very pleased to show off our results. Huge thanks to @D-RobIMW for arranging the test car and dyno time! We started off with a brand new Civic Si that had 1000...
  9. PRL Motorsports 11th Gen 2022+ Civic Si Baseline Dyno Test

    Last week we picked up our Sonic Gray Pearl 2022 Honda Civic Si (FE1). We will be using this vehicle test, develop and install our products in an effort to continue pushing Honda's 1.5L L15 platform. Like all of our previous shop cars, we will be providing baseline dyno numbers to test...
  10. Tuned 2022 Civic Si - Hondata FlashPro - CARB Pending - Big Gains!!!

    We now have a preliminary tune for the Honda Civic Si utilizing our FlashPro system. We are continuing to test and develop our 11th gen Civc products, so If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  11. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    Hello, We just picked up our 2022 Civic Si and took it over to our dyno for a baseline. The 11th gen Civic top end is a big difference! Click the link to see the results! From Motor1 article: "On paper, the 2022 Civic Si has a peak power of 200 horsepower (149 kilowatts) and 192 pound-feet...
  12. Official 2022 Civic Si Specifications & Features

    Looks like both Canadian and US variant are getting bose sound system Comparing to the US variant, Canadian Si is based on the touring trim and gets features like heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, auto dimming rearview mirror, rear parking sensors, LED fog lights, rain sensing...
  13. Invidia R400 Catback for 2017-2020 Si Sedan

    Invidia R400 Catback exhaust with Triple titanium burnt tips for the Civic Si Sedan. Attaches to front pipe, super easy to install if you have some jack stands and a driveway, easier if you have a lift! Had on the car less than a week, it’s still on the car actually until I get an appointment to...
  14. 2019 Honda Civic SI hondata/ktuner

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a hondata flash pro for a 2019 Honda Civic SI 1.5L turbo. Please DM me if you're trying to sell yours! Thanks.
  15. ***FS New Oem Stock Civic 1.5t turbo***

    I am selling a new Civic 1.5t turbocharger that I had plans to modify and install in my Civic Si. I am asking 475 shipped for the turbo. My lost is your gain. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  16. FS: OEM Gloss Black Si Grille

    Selling OEM Si grille from a 2018 Si coupe, with Si emblem and "eyebrows". Been for sale for awhile just didn't realize there was a classified section on this forum. Like new, just cleaned, the eyebrows are never used, they came with the honeycomb grille I ordered (they're also gloss black)...
  17. 2019 stock SI exhaust

    Have a 2019 Civic Si stock exhaust for sale PICKUP ONLY located in NorCal looking for $350 obo. Instagram GlahdoSi for faster response. 500miles
  18. (PRL pipe sold)/OEM Si stuff

    Selling a few things. PayPal only please. PM me for details. Will ship out immediately, but leaving town January 4th-15th. (SOLD) new prl Frontpipe for Civic Si, never installed (only 1 gasket included, probably will have to purchase the accessory kit with the bolts and gaskets from PRL, or...
  19. SOLD

    SOLD. Thanks buyer.
  20. KTUNER V 1.2

    Hey Guys, traded in my Si for a WRX STi last week and I am selling my Ktuner for $350 Shoot me an email at: [email protected] if you're interested.