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Feb 13, 2023
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midwest, usa
subaru crosstrek
Glad the FK8 fits. I don't have length to spare in the garage space either.
Not if i want to be able to open the trunk, or walk around t least one end of the car.

Honda, can you keep the rear legroom and storage and make these cars shorter? Maybe a feature that allows them to slide out from a two door to a four door as needed. I have seen at least one concept car that did that. Makes a lot of sense. Along with the ability to move sideways as well as back and forward. Seen that, too.
Hey - I know of one that does everything you mention (even if it's a bit out of this world)...
It's a Tardis
(the Dr Who "vehicle")

That's even roomier lol



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Apr 5, 2023
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2024 Integra Type S, 2023 Macan GTS
I think weight matters more than size, which is why the Civics are still fun to drive despite growing very large. They look large and feel large parking, but on the road they don't really feel big. Here in Taiwan the Focus is far better than a Civic sedan for parking and navigating narrow roads, being a foot shorter. In the US it wouldn't matter much.

Modern BMWs however feel huge to me, to the point I don't find them fun to drive at all.

Yeah, an old car doesn't do well on autoX times, but they feel so much more involving to drive. Like driving a real car, while most modern cars are as involving as driving with an XBox controller.
This is a good take, and I agree that the weight does make a huge difference and the ITS/CTR is an anomaly in that sense for modern cars.

That said, it isn't that hard to just alter your expectations. Old cars may feel more engaging, but they're slow as hell compared to modern cars. Personally I notice just how much body roll old sports cars have relative to modern cars, and it does a real good job of killing any nostalgia pretty rapidly.

Another hot take- hydraulic steering is heavily overrated.

There's different ways to have fun, and I'm just of the mind that if your idea of fun is in an old car, then by all means just buy an old car. People really should stop expecting that experience out of modern cars, but somehow they just can't seem to let it go judging off the aforementioned social media posts that I run into ALL THE TIME.