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Installing a physical CD Player in a new 2024 Honda Civic Touring Sedan via USB Port &/or AUX Port & cable(s)?


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Mar 18, 2024
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N. Valley Stream, NY
2024 Honda Civic Touring Sedan?(2017 Honda Accord)
The below is a Question & my follow-up Response & "Thank U" to all who responded to me from yesterday on civicx.com:
arcuda35 said:
Hi, Recently, my 2017 Honda Accord was totaled. I was just about to purchase a new 2024 Honda Civic Touring Sedan.
I just discovered & saw in-person, 2 cars that had a factory-installed CD player: 2023 Nissan Maxima SV & 2024 Lexus IS 300 &/or 350.
While I prefer the Civic, I have decided that a CD Player is a must! I do enjoy Sirius XM, I do much driving, 20-25,000 miles per year, & have almost 20,000 CDs.
While the Civic has: Wireless / Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Compatibility (none of which I have any knowledge of) I do Not & will Not do downloads or anything like that. Sorry for being a prehistoric dinosaur.
Without getting invasive & also affecting the factory-installed Navigation, Sound System, Computer, Wiring & possibly ruining my car or nullifying warranties...is there a way to sync up or simply connect some kind of small good-excellent physical CD player to the existing: Bose Premium Sound System with 12 Speakers, including Subwoofer.
Help, Please! Thank You Very Much, G!
Hi, THANK U VERY MUCH to U & ALL who have replied so quickly & with detail to my Inquiry re: adding a CD Player to a 2024 Honda Civic Touring Sedan!
I very much appreciate all of your suggestions, as many of U took the time & patience to go into detail & explanation as well as post links to purchase potential products to solve my "foolish" dilemma.

The CD player that is a "Must Have" is Not 4 my collection of 20k or so CDs. I want to have the ability & option to keep in the car & rotate every couple of weeks, ~ 1/2 dozen CDs, mainly recently purchased new releases &/or live "bootlegs" CDs.
Yes, I understand, I am a stubborn prehistoric dinosaur, & refuse to get with the times.
However, I do Not want to burn, download, rip, stream, use Apple, Spotify, an iPod, iPad, a smart phone or anything like that.

I am 66 years, & my lasdt vehicle was a 2017 Accord 2 DOOR, EXLN SENS V6, which I purchased new in March 2017 & was totaled late last year. I hit 100,000 miles the day be4 my accident.
Before that I had an Infiniti G-35 Sports Coupe 4 almost 10 years which made it to almost 200k miles with a factory-installed CD player, which had to replaced twice over the years at no cost to me, by the dealer.
I have an Android T-Mobile mobile phone which I do Not keep turned on & use sparingly, only to make occasional phone calls or take photos. I had a sturdy sports flip phone, 4 almost 30 years, & the only reason I had to switch, was because Sprint finally did away with the 3G network that my phone was on, by 3/31/22...
My Accord was a Still Night Pearl (purple-ish blue) 2-Door with a V6 Automatic & I had built it with almost every option Honda offered. I Had great luck with it mechanically & with reliability as opposed to the $thousands I $pent & problems I had w/my Infiniti.
I do Not want a Honda Hybrid & do Not want a Sports Model & want a Blue-ish Color. That leaves me with The Aegean Blue Civic Touring, which I like a lot, but do Not love. Unfortunately it has 4 Doors, is a 4 Cylinder, does Not have Lumbar seats, has a much smaller rear window than the Accord & of course does Not have a CD player!

I work in the music business, do a lot of driving up & down the East coast, & my hearing is Not 100%. I don't care how bad or so-so the music is going to sound thru some kind of CD player.
Note: I am willing to $pend $money to get a top-of-the-line CD player. This Touring Civic seems to have a decent sound system, so I want to hopefully via A UBS cable run the CD player thru the car's sound system. I'm sure I can find somewhere near me in the car to place this small player or attach it nearby me so I have some kind of access to it.

Ladies & Gents, Forgive Me, Pleaz, I want the ability to play physical CDs, in a Brand New, Not previously owned vehicle. I'll drive the car to the ground, myself!

Thanks to your suggestions & links as well as other links that I have discovered, there seems to be various relatively inexpensive products on Amazon & elsewhere. I have watched several U-Tube videos which make it seem Too Simple & easy even 4 a technologically challeged person like me!
I was going to paste some of the item links I have found or were forwarded to me by a sibling, on here, but I've aleady tortured you All & written way too much.

Does the 2024 Civic Touring Sedan have a:
USB Port, USB Data Port, USB Media Port, USB Interface, (I think all those are the same thing)???

According to several dealer salespeple, I have spoken to, it does.

However is there an AUX port somewhere in the car's system or screen, because I was just told by a Honda salesman by phone that there may Not be an AUX setting???
dt10g also noted that there was Not!

Today, I called & spoke to several different NY & NJ Honda dealerships & some said it was possible & others said it was Not!

Here is an email quote from 1 of the better salepersons who I have met with & kept in contact with:
"I suppose there is something that could be done but I also think there would be consequences.
I am told it could be done but the functionality of the player isn't always dependable and it would most definitely affect your warranty. I understand The desire. Wish I could do more."

I looked at the Lexus IS in-person & it will cost me $20k+ more than the Civic as well as additional $money 4 Insurance, Maintenance, & Service. If it was "only" a $10k difference, I think I would do it but I don't think it's worth the $25k difference, unless it was my very last car & would last me the rest of my lifetime.

Some, like eob2000, have suggested that I go onto civicXI.com bec my potential new car is an 11th Generation?
I signed up for civicxi.com, so later this evening I'll post a similar message on there, however I wanted to Thank ALL of U first.
Forgive me, please, 4 my vanity, ignorance, & stubborness.

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Jun 23, 2023
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2023 Civic Type R, 2010 Evo X
Simplest solution is probably to get a nice CD player made for running/jogging that also has Bluetooth connectivity.